Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sun is Up & Scapes are Gone

Well, once again we've managed to get some friends to do work for us!  If it wasn't enough to have our dear friend Nicole come up from New Orleans to visit (and press her into farm service) our friends Steve, a Forest Service locavore, and Kristi, master of all things jam, jelly, and pickle, came out to the garlic field and removed our scapes for us.  Of course, they get something out of the deal - gallons of delicious scapes.  Steve likes to freeze them - and he's right - the texture stays crisp, and the flavor remains piquant.  And if things go like last year, Kristi will sell out of her pickled scapes long before the Farmers Market closes in October.

Even with the beautiful weather we've had this July, we still expect to harvest our garlic later than usual, due to the cold spring.  Our real hope is that it stays dry over the harvest and curing period in August - last year's rain and humidity caused some crop failure.  We'd like to double our plantings this year, so we need every clove we can get.  Thanks for reading - talk to ya again real soon!

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